Signed Tourist Paths


The Okraj Pass is an important tourist paths' crossroad in the east of the Karkonosze. Tourists can walk all directions. Below we would like to show some of the most interesting destinations to Śnieżka, to Karpacz, to Kowary, to the Lasocki Ridge , to the Rudawy Janowickie.

Here are short discriptions of these tourist paths.



The Blue path leads toward west – initally the path goes over Kowarski Grzbiet (the Kowary Ridge). Just behind the our hotel it soars rapidly. After 200 meters of hiking a steep slope reaches the top -Czoło (1266), next it goes smoothly, gets to a beautiful viewpoint Skalny Stół (1281). It takes about 1h 15 min to get there. At the top, the blue path joins the red one and next the path leads over the Czarny Grzbiet (the Black Ridge) heading to Śnieżka. It takes 3 h to get to the Śnieżka summit.


The blue path leads toward east. Firstly it goes along the asphalt road down towars Kowary but after 15 minutes it turns right. The route leads over Grzbiet Lasocki (the Lasocki Ridge) (1000 m.) The path passes the Łysocina Crossroad , the White Water Valley , the village of Niedamirów. Getting there from the Okraj Pass takes about 3 h. There is a possibility to return to Okraj Pass with the ridge path.



The red path leads toward west. It is also called : the Polish-Czech Friendship Route. It is a ridge border path that goes over the highest part of the Karkonosze. After a few hundred meters of a mountain path it matches with an asphalt road that reaches the tourist shelter. At the Przełęcz Sowia (Sowia Pass) (1164) it joins with a blue path and next leads to the peak of Śnieżka.



The red path leads also towards east, – from the Okraj Pass to Rozdroże pod Łysociną (Crossroad of Łysocina). It takes 1 hour to get there. There the path ends and tourists can keep walking along a yellow or blue path.


The green path towards west. –It is a very interesting route, so called Tabaczna Ścieżka ( the Tobaco Path). In the past smuglers used to transport luxury goods using that route. It leads through forests of Grzbiet Kowarski ( the Kowarski Ridge). After about 1 hour tourists can reach Budniki the former mountain settlement. After next hour of walking tourists can get to Karpacz.


The green path towards east – It is a ridge path, which goes out of Przełęcz Okraj (the Okraj Pass) along the Polsh-Czech border. It is 1 hour of walking from the pass to Łysocina (1188) the highest peak of Lasocki Grzbiet ( the Lasocki Ridge). Walking all the ridge takes about 3 hours.


The yellow path towards north – It leads to Kowary. In the middle of the route tourists pass the black signed path, which leads to the underground tourist route of the uranium mine.